Ran Levi – Podcaster, Author, Speaker

Host of several successful podcasts, in Hebrew & English:

  • 'Making History' (Heb): History, Technology & Science. One of Israel's oldest and most popular podcasts, with +10M downloads since 2007.
  • 'Malicious Life' (En): The history, present and future of Cyber Security.
  • 'CPR – CheckPoint Research Podcast' (En): Cyber-Security. A podcast that follows CheckPoint's Threat Intelligence Group analysts and researchers as they scour the internet for new threats and vulnerabilities.

Author of 3 popular science books (All in Hebrew):

  • 'Perpetuum Mobile': The history of Perpetual Motion Machines.
  • 'The Little University of Science': A book about all of Science (well, the important bits, anyway) in bite-sized chunks.
  • 'Battle of Minds': About the history of computer malware.

Key Note Speaker on various topics in Technoloy & Science. I've given thousands of talks to many of Israel's prominent Hi-Tech companies, including Intel, Google, HP, Apple and others.

Electronics Engineer (B.Sc. EE Techinon), Software & FPGA Developer.

Officer (Reserve) in the Israeli Navy, Captain of INS 908 Dabor Class patrol boat.

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  • You can reach out to me via email at ran@ranlevi.com.
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