Arduino Accessory Shield: Unofficial Documentaion

TLDR: Unofficial documentation and demo sketches for the Arduino Accessory Shield: a great expansion board, with a variety of sensors and features, for Arduino beginners.

Arduino Accessory Shield

A few weeks ago I purchased an Arduino Uno R3 board and with it an extension board (‘shield’) with a fantastic variety of sensors and features:

  • A 128×64 OLED display,
  • A temperature sensor,
  • A 5-way joystick,
  • A Buzzer,
  • A Potentiometer,
  • Real-Time clock,
  • XBee wireless comm. module

This board is great for Arduino beginners since it demonstrates all of Arduino’s basic features – from display to serial communication to the usage of 3rd-party libraries.

Unfortunately, the official documentation and code samples available for the Accessory Board are quite bad, and I had a rough time understanding how things work. So I’ve decided to create this unofficial documentation and better code samples for those of you who use the board in the future.

The docs and demo sketches are here.

Good Luck! 🙂

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